AgriChallenge : 2nd edition

You are a student in one of the Moroccan higher education institutions? You are interested in the field of agriculture? You want to bring solutions to the complex problems faced by the various actors of the sector? You are at the right place! AgriChallenge is a 2-day hackathon organized by UM6P in collaboration with IAV, this challenge is open to all Moroccan university students aiming to provide answers to the problems faced by agriculture and transform them into innovative startup projects.


AgriChallenge is a competition that will take place on January 14 and 15, 2023, in which students from Moroccan agricultural schools will work hand in hand with students from other departments and universities to create solutions to the challenges facing the national agricultural sector.


AgriChallenge aims to encourage learning-by-doing in Moroccan universities and provide a platform for students, researchers, farmers, and government and industry partners to identify and stimulate innovations in the agriculture sector and catalyze the creation of revolutionary new agribusinesses.


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Applications will be analyzed against multiple criteria, including market need, innovativeness of the solution, stage of development, scalability, potential impact, technical and financial feasibility, and commercialization prospects.


Entries will be reviewed by our experts to ensure that the most innovative and promising solutions are selected for the competition.


October 23, 2022


Considering the climate change that weighs on the Moroccan agricultural system, participants in the second edition of the AgriChallenge will be invited to design and propose solutions adapted to the following issues :

  • Water management
  • Crop production systems
  • Livestock production
  • The development of integrated soil data
  • Development of sustainable and inclusive food value chains


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The project “Strengthening Agribusiness and Community Engagement Training in East, West and North Africa (AgriEngage)” aims to improve the skills and employment of agricultural workers by East, West and North Africa by building the skills of staff and students in community engagement, business management and entrepreneurship to catalyze the transformation of farming communities and the industry in Africa. The project will focus on the regions of sub-Saharan Africa (West and East) and North Africa.